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When You're Up On The Roof, Have A Plan

Have roof plan

Gutter cleaning is a facet of roof cleaning that is more common than treating shingles and metal sheets. Most homeowners just grab a ladder, a bucket, and a trowel and a couple of times a year, remove leaves, grit, and grime that often builds up and slows roof drainage.

It's no fun, and hardly anyone wants to do it, but still, you push forward.

Pressure washing is one way to rid your roof's drainage systems of debris that can clog openings and drain pipes. By running a strong stream of water through the gutters, much of the gunk will either fly out or be washed out. But the job doesn't stop here. You're still up on the ladder or the roof.

Here are few gutter cleaning tips from pressure washing pros:

  • Make sure the people around you know you'll be completing this task.
  • If you're standing on the roof, wear rubber-soled shoes.
  • Wear protective equipment such as goggles and gloves.
  • Unclog the downspouts before you start; pressure washing can accomplish this.

It's also essential to remove leaves and branches from the roof before you start cleaning the gutters.

Always Be Cautious Coming Down Off The Roof

I used to be that guy -- the one who used an 8-foot step ladder, climbed to the top rung, and would hoist myself on the roof to perform routine roof cleaning or pressure washing. I'm not that guy anymore.

Investing in an extension ladder and making sure someone foots the ladder on your way up and on your way down is imperative. It's also vital that this person is verbally communicating with you during the critical moments when you go from ladder to roof or from roof to ladder.

What To Do With The Crud You Remove From The Gutters

Since most of the substances that find their way into your gutters are natural and organic -- dirt, leaves, branches, and tree pitch -- you might consider purchasing a mulcher. The substances already have begun to rot, and anyone who's spent any time around mulch knows what it smells like.

By adding a very moist combination from your gutters to a mulching container or even your mulch pile (cover it with grass clippings and/or dead lives to minimize the stench), you'll have healthy potting soil and plant fertilizer in less than a year.

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