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Projects by Ideal Surface Cleaning

Commercial Projects

Parking Lot Rust Removal in Cypress, TX

This customer had an issue with a battery leaking acid on a mad lift. When it rained it leaked rust and battery acid all over this parking lot. The lift was moved a couple times and it rained each time, so there were several areas of […]

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Parking Lot Oil Stain Removal in Katy, TX

This customer contacted us for a quote on cleaning up some oil in the parking area close to their home. After reviewing the scope of the work and going over the customers needs it was quoted and completed. The treatment yielded excellent results. We always are […]

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Wall Cleaning in Bellaire, TX

This is a return customer from previous jobs. They needed this wall cleaned after we had cleaned the front of the church several months ago, and the results were good. The vegetation was treated ahead of the cleaning, so there will not be any ill effect […]

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Large Stucco Building Cleaning in Houston, TX

This project did not go to plan the whole time, but that happens. The dirt, mold and filth was removed but exposed some damaged stucco and stained stucco on parts of the building. We used some chemicals which are safe to use on stucco. The results […]

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Commercial Building Cleaning in Hempstead, TX

Our customer manages this property and contacted us to clean the organic growth off the backside. We went over the process and price, and they wanted to move forward. We didn’t have anything scheduled on this date, so we were able to provide same-day service! The […]

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Storefront Grease Removal in Cypress, TX

This customer needed the black grease or oil stains removed from the entrance of her shop. With the right chemicals this is very possible. Every store owner wants their curb appeal to look great, and this one worked out better than she expected. Concrete Cleaning Commercial Pressure Washing Location: […]

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Residential Projects

Stucco and Stone Softwash in Sugarland, TX

We have cleaned about 7 homes in this neighborhood and some more than once. This customer heard about other customers experiences with us and called, Got a quote and scheduled the cleaning. They were very happy with the finished result and appreciated the little things. […]

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House Washing in Hempstead, TX

This customer wanted to remove the organic growth and dust from their siding. They plan to clean their very long driveway in the near future, but today we. Leaned the siding. Their biggest issue was seeing the house dirty when relaxing and playing in […]

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Stucco Cleaning in Sugarland, TX

This customer wanted the green algae removed from their stucco. This is their only concern with the home. After discussing our soft wash method with the customer and going over the details, we washed the home. Afterwards, they were very happy with the results and […]

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Concrete Cleaning in Cypress, TX

This client needed to have some concrete cleaned but could not have pressure used in it because of having it lifted because it was too low or had sunken down over time. The materials used to do this are not to be pressure washed between […]

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Brick and Driveway Cleaning in Spring, TX

This customer is about to sell their home. They needed a little more curb appeal. I suggested cleaning the right wall also, and they did. I also suggested the roof over the garage at least, but they decided not to do this. The mailbox was […]

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Concrete Cleaning in Houston, TX

This customer received an HOA letter to get their driveway and sidewalk cleaned. After a conversation with the customer about the process and price, he agreed, scheduled the job and we got it done today. The customer was very happy with the results and verbalized his […]

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Home and Concrete Cleaning in Cypress, TX

There was some algae and dirty surfaces on this customer’s home and concrete. The customer also decided to have their fence cleaned on the outside as well. After treating all the vegetation was treated, the surfaces were cleaned. The customer was very satisfied with the results […]

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House Cleaning in Houston, TX

This four story home in Houston is about to be sold and needed to be cleaned up. The building has two units, amd we cleaned the left one. There were some sections that did not appear to need to be cleaned, but the majority of it […]

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House Wash in Katy, TX

This customer had their home cleaned about two years. They did not want to clean the concrete or roof, but wanted all the siding cleaned. The customer was very happy with the results. Cleaning siding is quick with the right tools, so this was a pretty […]

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Concrete Cleaning in Katy, TX

This customer is selling a home and their realtor suggested to clean it up a little bit. They decided to get their concrete cleaned with us. After explaining the process, cleaning the concrete, and the customer seeing the difference, he was very happy with the […]

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Residential Cleaning in Fulshear, TX

This home had some typical stucco black and green buildup. Since it was painted stucco, there is one spot that has some residual rust still there, but using a strong enough rust remover would effect the paint, which is not good. The customer was very happy […]

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Exterior Home Cleaning in Tomball, TX

This home had some dirty areas, but the worst of it was on the ground. The customer could not believe the difference in the home and stone structures just from soft-washing. This was a referral from someone I have worked with previously. The […]

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Roof and Driveway Cleaning in Katy, TX

This home needed the roof soft washed before a new family started renting it. This ads curb appeal and helps prevent leaks in the future. The driveway was also cleaned. Estimated budget: $550.00 […]

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House Washing and Driveway Cleaning in Houston, TX

This home had some areas that needed cleaning worse than others. The gutters and capstones above the windows were the worse on the front. Soft mice in this home allowed us to thoroughly clean it without having to put pressure on it. The driveway had some […]

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Oil Stain Removal in Houston, TX

This driveway has a significant oil stain which has been there a while. The customer got an HOA violation and called to get it cleared up. The spot is about 6x4ft. This is an example of the worst result that could be expected by my process. […]

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Patio Cleaning on Amber Queen Lane in Twin Lakes, TX

This is a repeat customer. She knew what to expect because I explain to her that there will be some staining with this type of service. She was very happy with the result. Concrete Cleaning Patio Cleaning Location: Amber Queen Lane in Twin Lakes, TX Estimated Budget: $250.00 […]

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House and Concrete Cleaning in Hockley, TX

This home had not been cleaned possibly since it was built in 1992 according to the owner. Using a soft wash process and hot water on the concrete, it cleaned up nicely. Give our team of pressure washing professionals a call today! Concrete Cleaning House Washing Location: Hockley, TX Estimated […]

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Driveway and Patio Cleaning in Houston, TX

The driveway and patio needed to be cleaned, but the customer opted to not treat two spots which had some oil or grease stains. The standard cleaning made a huge difference. Concrete Cleaning Residential Pressure Washing Location: Houston, TX Estimated Budget: $225.00 […]

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Driveway Cleaning in Houston, TX

This customer needed their driveway cleaned. With the right soap, then using the surface cleaner, this cleaned up nicely. The customer is very happy and wants his house washed in the near future as well. Concrete Cleaning Residential Pressure Washing Location: Houston, TX Estimated Budget: $225.00 […]

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Brick, Home and Concrete Cleaning on Rocky Knoll Drive

The brick, siding, outer fence and concrete was cleaned in this recent project by our pressure washing specialists. The customer was very happy with the completed job and surprised at the difference. Concrete Cleaning House Washing Location: Rocky Knoll Drive in Houston, TX Estimated Budget: $575.00 […]

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